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National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Nathaniel

As an organisation, Sugarman is proud to support the Apprenticeship scheme. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we want to introduce you to some of our shining star Apprentices. Meet Nathaniel in Manchester…

“I started my apprenticeship in 2014, this was a Business Administration Apprenticeship which then changed to Apprentice Resourcer.

My job at Sugarman is currently Payroll Officer and Resourcer, but I have recently been promoted to Senior Resourcer to look after the team of resources here in the Manchester branch.

I have progressed whilst being with Sugarman by starting of as an Apprentice, then becoming a Resourcer, then I also took on branch payroll as well as me doing resourcing and I have just recently been promoted.

I love my job as I love talking to candidates and finding out what they want/need for them to be able to work the hours they want; it makes me happy when the candidate is placed in the role they wanted.

The best thing about my Apprenticeship was I had the support from my colleagues as well as my tutor who I could contact 7 days a week if i needed any help with my coursework, also I was earning whilst learning.

An Apprenticeship worked well for me as I was earning money as well as gaining the relevant experience and knowledge needed for the job role I am in today.

I hope in the near future I can further my experience and knowledge within this sector and maybe take the consultant route or become a manager.”

View Nathaniel’s Case Study here.



National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Claire

As an organisation, Sugarman is proud to support the Apprenticeship scheme. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we want to introduce you to some of our shining star Apprentices. Meet Claire in Watford…

“I’m Claire Patch, Office Manager at Sugarman Health & Wellbeing.

I first started out doing an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration with Sugarman. Once I completed my Apprenticeship I was offered a permanent position as a Resourcer and I was doing this for 6 months. Then a job opening for a Recruitment Consultant came up so I put myself forward for it and got the job! I ran my own desk of 2000 hours and was one of the top billing consultants. I was noticed for my organisational skills and was asked to lead on payroll and recruitment and I now manage a team of 3.

I love making a difference to people’s lives and seeing progress from our staff and clients. I also get to meet a diverse group of people on a weekly basis. You are constantly learning, whether that be from others past experiences or being put on internal training courses.

The best thing about my Apprenticeship was being able to learn new things whilst working.

The Apprenticeship worked well for me because I was learning while working and having that hands on experience which I think is better than sitting in a classroom.

In the future I would like to progress my career within Sugarman Health & Wellbeing and be able to pass on all my knowledge and experience to others. I would also like to be an inspiration to others who are looking to take on an Apprenticeship. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

View Claire’s case study here



National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Tegan

As an organisation, Sugarman is proud to support the Apprenticeship scheme. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we want to introduce you to some of our shining star Apprentices. Meet Tegan from Stratford…

“I’m Tegan Cosgrave. I’m 20 years old and I’m doing my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Sugarman Health & Wellbeing in London.

I am just over half way through my apprenticeship with Sugarman and aiming to finish on June 1st 2018.

My job at Sugarman is mainly Quality and Compliance for the business. I now also support with Payroll. My role involves a lot of admin work.

I love my job because I thoroughly enjoy admin work. I also love seeing progression and positive improvement within the business due to Compliance being kept on track and ensuring all desired goals are met.

The best thing so far about my apprenticeship is that I have been able to learn multiple skills and job roles such as payroll, which is something I never imagined I would be capable of learning within a short space of time. I have been able to develop my skills and apply that to all of my work.

I think an apprenticeship works well for me because it gives me the chance to train in various different job roles and develop my skills whilst learning.

For my future ambitions I hope to achieve a permanent place with Sugarman and to develop my skills further. I feel like I am capable of bringing a lot to the business and can use all skills I have learnt to move forward into a higher position.”

View Tegan’s case study here.


It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2018!

It’s National Apprenticeship Week from 5th – 9th March 2018 and here at Sugarman we are taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of our rising star Apprentices in Sugarman Health & Wellbeing.

It’s an exciting opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and how they benefit people, businesses, communities and our economy. Now in its 11th year, this national moment brings together everyone passionate about apprenticeships to encourage more people to choose apprenticeships as a fast-track to a great career and business growth.

At Sugarman, we have Apprentices working right across the business – some who are still part way through their qualification and some who finished several years ago, have progressed through the ranks and are now working in their dream jobs.

We will be sharing their stories over the coming days so please tune in to read all about our fantastic Apprentices and why the Apprenticeship scheme works for them.



Sugarman Health & Wellbeing, part of the Cordant Group, has become the UK’s largest Social Enterprise

The Cordant Group, Sugarman Group’s umbrella brand has announced its new status as a Social Enterprise, pledging to touch and improve thousands of lives, one community at a time.

Framed around a five-year plan, our family owned Group will reinvest the majority of its profits into social programmes across employment, education and healthcare. With a powerful multi sector reach we will help deliver lasting social impact through direct engagement and wealth redistribution.

To illustrate this we have already:

  • Capped all annual shareholder dividends
  • Capped all executive salaries at 20 times that of the lowest paid worker
  • Agreed to be independently audited, using recognised Social Impact measurements

Whilst Cordant’s businesses, including Sugarman Group, will operate as normal, these changes will enable us to reinvest profits into key initiatives, including:

  • Partnerships with key clients to upskill and train the temporary workforce to drive productivity but deliver deeper satisfaction.
  • An ongoing investment in technology to better connect pupils to apprenticeships, workers to jobs, and patients to doctors and carers.
  • A teacher programme is being developed by international education expert Richard Gerver to examine the link between the classroom and life/work preparation.
  • Offering IT platforms, at zero cost, for the Healthcare sector, enabling Hospital Trusts to offer shifts directly to doctors and nurses, saving the NHS millions of pounds.

Phillip Ullmann, Chief Energiser, Cordant Group said: “Our dream of building a genuine global Social Enterprise that can delight people and improve the lives of thousands of people is now being realised. We believe our teacher programme will change the classroom, our workplace initiatives will re-engage employees, and our healthcare ideas will transform patient care.”

Chris Kenneally, CEO, Cordant Group, said: “It is business as usual at Cordant but with one key difference – profits will now be used to deliver a broader prosperity, benefiting society as a whole and not just our shareholders. Whilst we believe this is an important moral position given the overwhelming response, we also know it will be positive for our businesses and drive efficiency, productivity and profitability. Our key customers are keen to work and partner with us on a journey that will create deeper relationships and returns.”

Watch the video to find out more…


Hertfordshire Good Care Week

Sugarman Health and Wellbeing are supporting Hertfordshire Good Care Week from 16th – 25th June. Good Care Week is an opportunity to celebrate everyone that works in the Hertfordshire care industry and promote care as a career of choice.

Sugarman Health and Wellbeing Watford are hosting a range of events this year to celebrate the care workers we work with, including a world food day, quiz of quizzes and a colour theme clothing day. We will be raising funds throughout the week to support a charity of choice decided by the Sugarman Health and Wellbeing Watford branch.

This year Herts Good Care Week coincides with Learning Disability Week (19th – 25th June), so even more reason to get involved and build awareness through events, social media and activities.

Stay tuned on our social pages for our event photos and some of our latest vacancies.



Fantastic Feedback!

We’ve received a fantastic testimonial from one of our recently placed candidates from the Permanent Recruitment Team:

“My experience for job searching was made enjoyable and bearable instead of being stressful by Rebekah and her colleague, Georgie. They were always available when I needed them for questions and updates. l have had a very interesting experience throughout and I managed to get the job that I wanted. It did not take long from the time I responded to the advert to the time I got offered the job. Rebekah arranged a mock interview with her colleague to get me ready for my interview and it was at a time convenient to me.

I also received help with my presentation as I had to do it and send it to Rebekah. After the interview I was very nervous to wait for the results which I expressed to Rebekah and she remained positive every step of the way. The coaching, encouragement and above all availability was exceptional. I did not know that searching for a job was this interesting because our communication felt like we knew each other before. I will highly recommend Rebekah’s service to others.”

Sharon Njanike- Nyadzo


Sugarman Health Get’s Social!

Sugarman Health and Wellbeing have launched our brand new social media pages, designed to share the latest news and the very best selection of job opportunities in healthcare.

We want the latest news and jobs to be at the top of your newsfeeds, so please give us a thumbs up and like and follow our pages. Our individual Facebook pages for each branch are HERE

We will post our top jobs which are based nationwide and open doors to fantastic opportunities in healthcare.

This is the perfect opportunity to connect with Sugarman Health and Wellbeing and you can get in on the action – sharing feedback about your placements and how Sugarman has supported you.


New Website Launch

Welcome to our brand new website! After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website