National Apprenticeship Week – Meet Molly

As an organisation, Sugarman is proud to support the Apprenticeship scheme. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2018, we want to introduce you to some of our shining star Apprentices. Meet Molly in Watford…

“I’m Molly, I’m 18 and I work as a Payroll and Resourcing Officer in the Sugarman Health & Wellbeing Watford branch.

I’m working through a Recruitment/Resourcer Apprenticeship and I started in April 2017.

I have progressed in many different ways since starting my Apprenticeship. I have become more confident in myself and also speaking to people.

I love my job because I learn something different everyday.

The best thing about my Apprenticeship is just learning different things and gaining more skills.

The Apprenticeship works so well for me because I had just left school so going straight into an Apprenticeship allowed me to gain experience in working life while still learning.

In my future I just want to keep learning and going from strength to strength.”

View Molly’s Case Study here.