6 Month Social Enterprise Update

In a video released this week Chris Kenneally, CEO of Cordant Group, Sugarman’s umbrella brand, has praised employee’s attitude and commitment to delivering “projects that will help to change lives”.

In the statement Chris explains how proud he is of the entire company’s progress since announcing it was becoming the largest corporation in the UK to adopt Social Enterprise.

In the video Chris discusses Cordant Group’s up to date Social progress, saying; “We set ourselves an ambitious target to make a meaningful difference across three distinct areas of life: education, the workplace and healthcare. We want to deliver genuine, measurable social impact and we want to deliver it over the long-term, that is why our strategy is based on a five-year programme.”

In just six months Cordant Group have;

  • Been subject to an audit with a leading advisory legal firm, to understand where the organisation currently positions itself, and to build a guideline for the future
  • Devised its ‘Good Job Strategy’ in line with the Taylor Review
  • Collaborated with Richard Gerver, an educational expert, to focus on bridging the gap between school and the workplace
  • Increased opportunities for the personal development, training and upskilling of employees across its entire workforce
  • Began to establish IT platforms at zero cost for the healthcare sector

Chris also expressed deep admiration for the hard work of his team over the past 6 months, and was keen to celebrate them as being at the core of the initiative.

“It has been challenging six months as we have 11 different businesses and we are building a programme that will allow each employee, whether they are full-time or otherwise, to make a personal as well as company-wide contribution. I recognise just how hard everyone works throughout the Group and I am proud of our progress to date.”

Already we have seen some great work across the Sugarman group:

Sugarman Academy in Australia

We were proud to launch the Sugarman Academy in Australia this month, a brand new scheme working with both Graduates and non grads to commence their career in recruitment.

At the end of the 9 month programme, we aim to have supported 6 individuals to become Consultants, ready and raring to help us grow our business in Australia. This is a great development for the business.

Growth of Complex Care

A key focus for our business this year is the growth of Complex Care; an arena where we show great promise in Sugarman Health & Wellbeing. We are proud to have recently been awarded a new contract in Dorset. This contract gives us the opportunity to offer permanent contracts to nursing and care professionals working alongside an inspirational client – a great development for our care division.

Charity Events and collaborations

We are working closely with clients, enterprises and organisations this year that need our help, support and time. Already we have seen our teams across the UK and in Australia come together to host sponsored events, run marathons and volunteer their time and will continue this throughout the year.

This year Sugarman are working hard to make a difference.

Going forward Cordant Group must weave Social Enterprise into its fabric and deliver on its mission, Chris states; “Our foundation as a Social Enterprise must be structurally sound and embedded with care and consideration.

“Our vision and mission must stand up to intense scrutiny – we must be conscientious and make a lasting and meaningful difference in all our endeavors.”