International Women’s Day – 8th March. Meet Karen Fleming

It’s International Women’s Day this Friday 8th March and to show our support, we are featuring some fantastic women across the Sugarman Group business every day this week.

Our colleagues are sharing their experiences of work, their inspirations and talking about their career journey.

Today we feature Karen Fleming, Business Development Manager at Sugarman Health & Wellbeing.

What is your current role & what does it entail?

I am currently Business Development Manager at Sugarman Health & Wellbeing. My role is centered around bringing on new business and looking after our current business to maximise the potential we have with each client.

Where did your career begin?

My career began after leaving school back in 1978, it wasn’t common back then to go into further education, you just left school and went out to work. I have taken a few years off in that time to have and raise a family.

How have you found being a woman, working in your sector?

Being a female in the recruitment industry is much easier to progress up the career ladder; I came from a finance background that was a lot more male oriented and harder for women to progress in their career.

What are the current challenges for women in your sector?

I haven’t really come across any challenges within this industry. I have found that as long

as you are passionate about what you do and you care about the end result, recruitment

can be a great path to follow, I only wish I had found that out years ago.

Is enough being done in the UK/Australia to promote women in the workplace?

Within Sugarman Health and Wellbeing I have found that women are treated equally and give the same opportunities as our male counterparts.

What advice would you give someone looking to start working in your sector?

I would say “Go for it, work hard and enjoy the challenges it brings”

Which women in the media inspire you?

Theresa May currently as she is facing an impossible situation – she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t; she inherited a decision that was not her making. I also admire our Queen still working at her age albeit not too much nowadays, she has served our country and the commonwealth to the best of her ability.

Who has inspired you growing up/throughout your life?

My mum was the most inspirational woman I have known, she was never afraid of hard work, she never said a bad word about anybody, she was there when she was needed, she was the foundation to our family. I am just sorry that she cant see me now as a successful independent woman that has raised 3 children who now has her own grandchildren. My mum instilled the strong family values I have today.