What skills do you need to work in care?

Social Work

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the UK forced into an unprecedented situation – we’ve changed the way we socialise, the way we travel and the way we work.

The health and social care industry has been massively affected by the pandemic – we’ve needed to adapt, follow new, rigorous processes to keep our service users safe.

Sadly, for many, particularly in the retail sector, work has not been possible as stores and hospitality venues have closed, with many not looking to reopen again. We’ve seen retail industry giants like Arcadia group disappearing, meaning a lot of people looking for jobs.

Well, did you know that a lot of the skills you gain working in retail jobs are transferrable skills, meaning they could be valuable for a career in care?

What skills do you need to work in care?

People skills and a passion for helping others

Of course, your job in care will be looking after people, so being a people person is vital! Everyone has a story to tell and you’ll learn this as you get to know your clients. The bonds formed between clients, client’s families and their carers is often a very special one – if you are someone that loves to get to know people this will serve you well.

Communication skills

Communication skills are vital for working as a carer, both in terms of written communication and face to face contact. Your service users or clients will often need to have their care explained to them. It’s important that this happens to preserve a clients dignity as much as possible. You’ll also need adequate written English skills to be able to things like writing up care plan details and reporting incidents in writing.

Working well under pressure

Working well under pressure is a really useful transferrable skills to have in a career in care. As well as being able to perform your job safely and effectively to keep others safe and healthy, you’ll need to remain healthy and well yourself, physically and emotionally.

Flexibility and commitment

A career in care is desirable for lots of people as care has no set hours! Its 7 days a week , 365 days a year – we are so grateful to our colleagues that look after people through the night, at weekends, on bank holidays and on days that many would spend with their families.


You are looking after vulnerable people who are dependent on your care, who often are dealing with frailty, chronic illness and possibly memory loss that can make basic everyday activities a challenge. This is a massive responsibility to bear but one that you may thrive on if you enjoy the challenge and pride yourself on the ability to act responsibly and for the benefit of the person you are looking after.

Cultural awareness

In your previous jobs you will no doubt have worked with people from all walks of life and different cultures. This will be a very useful skills for a care role as you will no doubt need to look after people from other cultures. Getting to learn people stories and celebrate with them is one of the most rewarding part of care in terms of the relationships you form with the people you look after.


We’re working with a common goal at Sugarman Health and Wellbeing and that is to improve the lives of people that we look after. We takes a person-focused attitude to the care that we provide and appreciate the every person will have “tailored requirements” – we’ll work hard to acknowledge their likes and dislikes, daily needs and medical needs in order to give them the best care possible.

Learning new skills

Many care roles need the above transferrable skills, but don’t necessarily need you to have prior experience in care. You will however need to have the ability to learn new skills and retain important information. We offer mandatory training to ensure that all of our care workers are qualified to the appropriate level, to protect and safeguard the clients you support. Our training ensures you will be trained in line with the Government’s Skills for Care guidelines, and we also offer specialist training schemes that are developed to provide greater knowledge, awareness and qualifications around key specialist subjects such as Autism Awareness, Airway Management and Stoma Care.

Are you looking for a job in care?

If you are looking for work and would consider a job in care, we’d love to speak to you! With branches all over the country we can offer care jobs in the West Midlands, Cardiff, Essex, Cheshire, Dorset, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, London, Manchester, Surrey and more! Search for our latest care jobs on our website.