Acquired Brain Injury

Research indicates one million people in the UK are living with the long-term effects of brain injury. As many as 500,000 people living in the UK today have had either viral or bacterial meningitis at some time in their lives.

Brain injury can vary from mild concussion to severe and depending on the severity of the injury some people, who have suffered such an injury, may recover after a period of rest whilst others will require a lifetime of support.  However, more than ever, people are surviving brain injuries because of improvements in medical and trauma care, as well as ongoing safety improvements in motor vehicles, workplace safety and sporting equipment standards.

The initial stages of accepting this condition can be extremely stressful for all involved.  Sugarman Health and Wellbeing’s Care Workers within this field are experienced at all levels of support and they particularly appreciate that the primary steps in establishing a care plan will be the foundation of a client’s future quality of life.

Our carers take the time to fully understand a client’s previous routine, lifestyle and aspirations, as well as evaluating their level of ability combined with their medical needs. Our approach is to individually evaluate a person’s skills and abilities; we aim to encourage an exclusive plan informed by assessment and latest research; thus we are aware that brain damage can cause a wide range of problems and as a result the timing and quality of rehabilitation is extremely important.

We appreciate that everyday situations can be almost impossible for people who have suffered an acquired brain injury and there are physical consequences, such as paralysis, weakness, fatigue, headache or problems with co-ordination. The complex nature of brain injuries usually means that a specialist service is needed as people all have varying individual needs.

We understand that if one person is injured in a family by an acquired brain injury then the whole family experiences the impact of the turmoil. We therefore, as much as reasonably possible, provide support and assistance in a professional and caring manner to the whole family by focusing completely on recognising the needs of all ‘concerned’.


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