Master Vend Solutions

If your organisation sources temporary workers, it’s likely you have a relationship with one, or many, recruitment agencies to support with your staffing requirements. We want to offer further clarity around a managed service from an organisational point of view and demonstrate why a Vendor Solution could change the way you recruit your workers.

A Vendor Solution is designed for organisations that use more than one recruitment agency in different regions to fulfil their recruitment and staffing needs.

When recruiting temporary workers there are two vendor options – a Master Vend and a Neutral Vend. Both offer dedicated recruitment support to facilitate staffing and recruitment needs however in recent years the Master Vend has become a solution of choice amongst organisations wanting further control over the recruitment process.

The benefits of a Master Vendor solution are focussed around efficient and effective reporting and consolidated invoicing. In a world where administrative duties take over, Sugarman Master Vend offers a way to streamline the administration process and in turn reduces administrative activity, with consolidated invoicing, encompassing all supplier activity.

Master Vend management allows for greater consistency and control. Based on the information you provide us with during our discovery phase, we will engage with your suppliers and facilitate and/or manage that relationship moving forward. This allows you to retain relationships and processes that may already be working well, whilst also gaining all the benefits of a Master Vendor, such as consolidated invoicing. All initial contact comes through one clear source which offers a consistent approach for customers.

Why is Master Vend now the preferred solution?
Quite simply it offers a transparent, structured and consistent approach. The Neutral Vend solution requires ongoing management from a client perspective, overseeing various agencies with different approaches, different invoicing methods and different reporting processes. What a Master Vend does is offer a solution to potential inconsistencies with one clear approach, one clear invoicing method and one clear reporting process.  Appointing a Master Vendor rather than an Neutral Vendor means you have a supplier with a vested commercial interest in making the partnership work, as opposed to a Neutral Vendor,  which is as it says in the title, is neutral.

Simplifying the entire communications process not only saves time from a client perspective, in doing so it can demonstrate a significant cost reduction.

Compliance issues are also quashed with agency regulations and rates being consistent across the board, reducing risk for the organisation. A Master Vendor also allows for greater consistency and auditability of quality which offers a huge benefit for customers.

Performance is managed by the Tier one supplier with one set of management information. This ensures the needs of the client are met and managed through one clear communications channel. Questions and concerns can be resolved quickly and effectively through a clear point of contact and reporting is therefore efficient and effective. By working with the needs of the client in mind, maintaining close relationships with the Master Vendor offers the closest thing to having a dedicated resourcing team in house.

In summary, a Master Vend solution offers:

  • One clear point of contact.
  • Transparent and effective reporting.
  • One clear set of Management Information.
  • Improved efficiencies leading to cost savings.
  • Robust compliance.
  • Consistency and auditability of quality.

To find out more about a Vendor Contract or to discuss your business needs, contact Sugarman Group Solutions on 0113 457 1018 or email today.


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