We believe in creating an environment for nurses that nurtures and supports clinical expertise and we work hard to recruit and retain nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competence and qualifications.

Sugarman Health and Wellbeing’s nursing home care services are specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements of an individual. We have the resources to assist with homecare needs whether they be live-in care, helping a client convalesce, medical or paediatric care; whatever the circumstances we will provide a nursing solution.

The Sugarman Health and Wellbeing nursing recruitment strategy allows you to select the ideal nurse to accommodate your medical requirements; we have instant access to highly trained and recommended nurses throughout the UK to provide quality and compliant patient care.

We guarantee the following:

All our nurses are meticulously screened and must exhibit excellent clinical capabilities as well as a sense of flexibility and adaptability.

We ensure our nurses have relevant experience and are reference-checked in order to deliver a first class service.

Our nurses work with patients, families, and healthcare professionals to plan and provide nursing care that will achieve an optimal level of health and wellness.

We ensure that our policies, procedures and practices are regularly reviewed and updated in accordance with legal, moral and ethical frameworks

The needs of our patients and their families guide our nursing care, and through collective leadership, we collaborate with nurses, government associations and organisations as well as the public to advance healthy public policy.

Our services are provided on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the needs of clients.  In accordance with the Care Quality Commission Standards our expert team will, where appropriate, carry out a risk assessment in order to guarantee that we operate our care efficiently.

We meet every client and their family at home or in Hospital (prior to discharge) to accurately assess their condition and to collectively agree upon the best course of care.

A patient’s needs should be planned and structured whenever possible and it is the role of a nurse to foresee those needs by carefully listening to a patient as well as their family and, of course, to monitor a patient’s conditions.


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