Spinal Cord Injury

The quality of our service is determined by the dedication of our care support workers to deliver the highest continuity of care.

In the UK every year, there are around 1,200 people paralysed from a spinal cord injury. There are currently thought to be approximately 40,000 people in the UK living with paralysis. Furthermore, in the UK a person is paralysed every 8 hours.

In the UK it is estimated that the current annual cost of caring for people paralysed by spinal cord injury is more than £500 million and 21% of people discharged from Spinal Cord Injury Centres go into nursing homes; hospitals or other institutionalised settings rather than their own homes. Around 20% of patients leave Spinal Cord Injury Centres clinically depressed.

Sugarman Health and Wellbeing’s approach to spinal injury support at home reduces the need to make dramatic lifestyle changes as care is centred around the bespoke needs of our clients, allowing them to continue to remain at home and partake in active life as much as practically possible.  

Our care workers are experienced in dealing with sensitive procedures, such as stomach, bowel care catheterisation and urostomy and equally dedicated to providing spinal injury rehabilitation activities as well as liaising with specialised medical teams to monitor a client’s condition.

The emotional effects of spinal injuries can become overwhelming; maintaining a balanced lifestyle which promotes a degree of independency helps to reduce the emotional impact.  Our care workers are specifically trained to observe behavioural changes and identify early signs of depression.  Their support perpetuates clients’ needs, whether they want to develop a new skill, become more socially interactive, enjoy hobbies or develop their independence.

Whilst the primary focus is the care of our clients we believe in cultivating a strong rapport with a client’s family and friends, because this plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of our clients.


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